The Rule Of One: One (Marketing) Message



Did you catch STEP ONE OF OUR BLOG SERIES – ONE AVATAR? I can’t stress enough how important it is to do these steps in order and not jump ahead … 

In Step 2, we are still really focused on your Avatar, your ideal paying client … but now its time to nail that ONE (MARKETING) MESSAGE …Your USP, Unique Selling Proposition,

How you promise to take them from where they are now to where they want to go

I’m going to take you through the second key ingredient of every successful Sales funnel … crafting ONE MARKETING MESSAGE for your business RIGHT NOW

6 figure sales funnel launch plan step 1 market message
Marketing Message

To put this in to context, getting clear on your ONE (marketing) MESSAGE sits in the Plan Stage of my 6-Figure Sales Funnel Launch Plan, in Step 1 – Market & Message

Once you know 100% your ideal client’s biggest pains and frustrations using the Avatar Framework, then you have to look at their longer term fears and implications. 

So what’s going to happen for your ideal paying client if they don’t change what they’re doing now? Where are they going to end up? If you offer a dating service or a fitness gym, are their fears and implications being alone or never getting in shape?

What about their longer term dreams and aspirations. Where do they really want to go? What is the greater transformation you offer them?
Do they want to meet the love of their life so they can start a family? Do they want to lose a stone in weight so they can have more energy or cure an illness?
How will you take your clients from their biggest pain to what they want, need and desire? 

Your USP, Unique Selling Proposition, is how you promise to take them from where they are now to where they want to go
Once you have a clear marketing message or promise, it takes your marketing from invisible (where all your messaging just blends in with everything else) to being unmissable. It helps eliminate buying resistance. 

You offer is not only a no-brainer, but a must have. 

Once you communicate what your promise is clearly, your avatar will immediately feel like they absolutely have to take advantage of it. They will feel that you’re speaking directly to them and showing them a clear solution to their problem.

[USP: Unique Selling Proposition] This framework will become one of the most valuable assets you’ll ever create. It’s going to transform your ads, headlines, landing pages, copy and everything in between. 

You might already be familiar with my USP … 
I help female entrepreneurs [my Avatar] To Quickly Launch, Automate & Scale Your Online Sales To 6-Figures [what they want], Without Confusion & Tech Overwhelm [their pains]
[Hopefully my USP will resonate with you, as that’s why you are here 🙂 ]

So … What’s your client’s biggest pain or frustration? Think about it. If you’ve listed their frustrations, what’s their number one problem that stands out? The one that keeps them awake at night (related to your niche)

For PR Services, it might be visibility, so they can have a greater impact and help more people. For delivery services it might be time. When busy mum customers want last minute, next day delivery. Next launched “order by midnight, next day delivery guaranteed”.

So who’s your avatar? Now what’s their biggest goal or desire? And finally, what’s the biggest pain you solve for them? Time? Weight loss? Peace of mind? Income? Impact? Confidence? When you can put those answers together, you’ve created your USP.

I help my client [avatar] so they can get [what they want] without [pain].

Here’s another example: “I help busy lawyers [avatar] lose 1 stone within 90 days so they can live healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives [what they want] without spending a lot of time or money in a gym [pain].”

I’d love to give you feedback on your marketing message, so hit the live chat button once you’ve got it drafted

Step 3 – ONE SIGNATURE SYSTEM coming soon 🙂


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