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AAA METHOD lead generation

3 Simple Stages to double your sales (On Auto-Pilot), in 90 days, Without The hustle, Tech Overwhelm Or Confusion

Get ready to Welcome More Ideal Clients with my AAA Method Funnel Launch Plan

Identify A Niche. Create Scalable Products. Attract Your Audience. Nurture. convert. Automate. And Build The Business Of Your Dreams.

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Getting Fully Booked With Your Ideal Clients Doesn't Have To Be Hard Work...

I talk a lot about the importance of getting to know your audience better than they know themselves. So they know you are the solution to their problems, the answer to their prayers.

The reason I go on about this? because we missed this key step when we started out. We thought we could go straight to getting more traffic to our website without getting clear on who we wanted those people to be.

But this alone won't create the success you dream of.

No, there are other pieces to the puzzle.

Through the early years of our business and the struggles we faced, we lacked a clear marketing strategy that pulled all the pieces of the different puzzles together.

It was only in learning about the WHOLE PUZZLE and how it all fitted together that I had a huge lightbulb moment ...

Despite the noisy online world, I realised there was a huge void...

The internet space is SATURATED with content, I think there's a good chance you actually know WHAT you need to do in order to achieve the success you dream of, but what I realised is ...

It isn't the lack of content thats holding you back.

Without doubt, content is great. But what a lot of entrepreneurs are missing is the support and guidance to IMPLEMENT the key steps in the RIGHT ORDER.

It was only in undertaking my online marketing training that I realised there are three essential components that HAVE to work together like a well oiled machine to make your marketing strategy work for you.

Audience + Attract + Automate

When these three come together, magic happens.

You have a crystal clear message, your own unique solution and the perfect offer that your target market can't resist.
You have the perfect funnel and content strategy for your exact business, to attract, nurture and convert more of your ideal clients to customers.
You have the systems and automation in place to get you more clients and more sales, in less time.

And that, is your path to the right kind of success right there. The less hustle kind. The more aligned to you and your beliefs kind.

No more tech overwhelm.
No more confusion.
No more chasing leads.

Just a clear path from A to B to take you to the next level.

Within each of those three essential areas, I have clear proven frameworks that I guide my clients through to get the results they need. Results that take them closer to creating the dream life they crave.

Because that's why we all do this right? We want to build success in our businesses so we can create whatever the dream is.

The business and life you want depend on you getting this right!

Let me Eliminate The Guesswork, Wasted Time And Tech overwhelm

Your ONE CLEAR PATH to success, from A to B

At the core of our AAA Method funnel launch plan we have a vast repository of frameworks or one-page 'cheats' and templates to guide you through each step

Cuts out 90% of the frustration & confusion for each step of your sales funnel strategy

 From Ad templates, webinar slide templates to sales scripts 'there's a framework for that'


Are you looking to automate your lead generation and have ideal clients on demand?

You're a service-based small business owner, who is already making money, BUT ...

You're not consistently booking ideal clients or making the money you want from it...

You're Wasting time on the wrong clients, but you have no idea what else you should be doing to attract the right clients...

You want an easier and more time-efficient way of generating new ideal clients on demand...

You've invested time & money in courses but need to pull all of the pieces of the puzzle together with the right Funnel Strategy and tech to finally put your Strategy & plan in to action...

You need hands-on help with your funnel set-up, so your tech can finally support the business of your dreams...

You wish there were an easier way to do this...

Well, there is.

Sound like just what you need?

Don't waste anymore time ... LET'S DO THIS!

AAA Method Funnel launch plan

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

“I've invested in courses but I still don't feel I know what my next step should be and how to pull all the pieces of the puzzle together. I know I'm meant for more and I just want to do myself and my business justice.”

“I hate trading time for money providing 1:1 services. That was great at first, but now I feel stuck and my income has hit a ceiling. I am ready to make money on a 1 to many model without being at the beck and call of individual clients.”

“I want to live a life of freedom. I am so DONE with the CONSTANT hustle. I create content, I’m active on social media, I am trying to build a following, but nothing is moving the income needle."

“I put in all the hours, trying to figure out this whole online business thing but the 'tech overwhelm' is still holding me back from hitting my income goals.”

“I've thought about creating a membership or online course, but I'm not sure where to start or how to put it all together with the tech I'll need.”

“I want to reach and help more people, but I don't have the tech know-how to implement the funnel and automation I need to find my ideal clients"

Then you're in the right place ... I'm here to help

If you’re struggling with information overload with how you can generate new quality leads for your business and convert them in to clients (on auto-pilot), without the constant hustle and tech overwhelm ... 

I've been exactly where you are now and I'm here to show you there is an easier way

It was after my husband and I set up our own business over 10 years ago when I realised that despite a professional website, regular blogging and posting on social media, you weren't guaranteed to get the right people through the door. We paid thousands to a creative branding and web-design agencies, we invested our time writing blogs and content, but whilst our business website looked 'pretty', it didn't deliver the traffic and conversions we'd expected.

We were left feeling deflated, completely bewildered, out of pocket and uncertain of the future for our business.

After wasting too much time and money on everything from google adwords, facebook campaigns, local press campaigns and direct mail it felt like we'd exhausted all our options. I decided I'd had enough of picking up individual pieces of the whole marketing and sales puzzle and it was time to take matters in to my own hands. I enrolled myself in an online marketing training programme.

And that's when it Hit Me... I realised We weren't the only ones who were facing these issues, Despite the noisy online world, there was a huge void... 

So the internet space is saturated with content, I think there's a good chance you actually know WHAT you need to do in order to achieve the success you dream of, but what I realised is ...

It isn't the lack of knowledge thats holding you back. 

Absolutely, getting more content is great. But what a lot of entrepreneurs are missing is the support and guidance to IMPLEMENT the key steps in the RIGHT ORDER.

What do I have to offer that's different? Well my programmes aren’t just about giving you content. It's about guiding you along a clear path for success, from A to B. One step at a time. It's all about the TRANSFORMATIONS as we move through the Launch Plan, to create the income and structure that will start you on the road to YOUR vision of business success.

We host Tech 'virtual office' workshops.

We host Q&A coaching calls.

We host hot seats. 

We host planning and review sessions.

You'll have access to simple frameworks and training for EVERY STEP

We have pop-up training events from other experts.

We'll keep each other motivated and accountable so that we are ALL growing our businesses successfully.

One of the best things is that all of the information is up to date and in real-time. We're talking about strategies that work NOW, in todays online world.

We are in this together.

So jump on in, get registered and let me show you how I can help you create that business of your dreams. 

Where do you want your business to be in 3, 6 or 12 months time?

Exactly where you are now?

Or with the perfect funnel working for you 24/7 to attract more of your ideal clients on auto-pilot?

Helen Higgins The Launch Project
Helen Higgins, Founder - The Launch Project

Although online marketing was completely new direction for me, (my background as a pharmacist in the NHS wasn't typical!), I've always loved tech (creating business start-up websites for friends was something I chose to do in my spare time!) and my passion for simplifying complex tasks using technology and step by step procedures comes in useful. 

I received the best training in the latest online marketing techniques by leaders in the industry, with a proven, stepwise and methodical approach.

My mission now is to de-mystify online marketing for other confused business owners and help as many as I can overcome the confusion and overwhelm to finally create the business of their dreams.

Fletcher Method Certified Coach

Don't waste anymore time ... LET'S DO THIS!