Ready to feel like this about the new clients coming in to your business?

Let me guide you through The Exact Steps To Attracting More Of Your Ideal Clients (On Auto-Pilot), So You Can Double Your Sales In 90 Days

...Without Tech Overwhelm, Constant Hustle Or Wasting More Time

You want more leads, but not just any leads ...

You want more ideal client leads.

You want a time-efficient way of nurturing those leads, so they come to you ready-to-buy.

You want more consistency in your lead flow, so you can plan ahead and get the consistent income & growth you crave.

You want the automation, so your business can keep on working even when you don't.  

You know that having a sales funnel would tick all these boxes ... BUT

... you're completely stuck with the WHAT, the HOW and the TECH!

How would it feel if with my help you could change all that?

From my clients

Emma Stirk

Emma Stirk

Lawyer | Coach | Mentor | Author

Having Helen step in and guide me step by step through creating, building and launching my funnel was an absolute revelation.

Her knowledge and easy to understand, practicable advice allowed me to to overcome my barriers and move my business forward quicker than I ever imagined I could.

Love lights the way

Charlotte & Stacy

Business Owners - Love Lights The Way

Love Lights The Way Testimonial

Identify A Niche. Create Scalable Products. Attract Your Audience. Nurture. Automate. And Build The Business Of Your Dreams.

I will guide you through my 3-stage AAA METHOD FUNNEL LAUNCH PLAN to double your sales, on autopilot


Laying The Foundations

During the AUDIENCE stage of the launch plan we'll get clear on your ideal (paying) customer, your message and offers. We will map out your unique business blueprint, solution or process. Moving on to create the perfect automated marketing system that complements your exact business model. 

(Timeline 4-5 weeks)


Let me Eliminate The Guesswork, Wasted Time And Tech overwhelm

If you’re struggling with information overload with how you can generate new quality leads for your business and convert them in to clients (on auto-pilot), without the constant hustle and tech overwhelm ... 

I've been exactly where you are now and I'm here to show you there is an easier way

We paid thousands to a creative branding, marketing and web-design agencies, we invested our time writing blogs and content, but whilst our business website looked 'pretty', it didn't deliver the traffic and conversions we'd expected.

We were left feeling deflated, completely bewildered, out of pocket and uncertain of the future for our business.

After wasting too much time and money on everything from google adwords, facebook campaigns, local press campaigns and direct mail it felt like we'd exhausted all our options. I decided I'd had enough of picking up individual pieces of the whole marketing and sales puzzle and it was time to take matters in to my own hands. I enrolled myself in an online marketing training programme.

So that's when I realised ... despite the noisy online world, there was a huge void... 

It isn't more content and 'how-to' advice that's needed, what a lot of entrepreneurs are missing is the support and guidance to IMPLEMENT the key steps in the RIGHT ORDER.

What do I have to offer that's different?

Well this programme isn't just about giving you content. It's about guiding you along a clear path for success, from A to B. One step at a time. It's all about the TRANSFORMATIONS as we move through the Launch Plan, to implement the perfect lead generation funnel that will start you on the road to YOUR vision of business success.

Not only that, but with the right systems and automation in place... 

(known as a funnel in the marketing & sales world) to attract more clients on autopilot...

it gives you time back every week to prioritise those things you've put off and focus on the right areas of your business and life.

So if you've wasted too much time chasing leads and you just don't have the time or tech-knowhow to do yourself and your business justice. I can help!

Helen Higgins
Helping you grow your dream business, without tech overwhelm & confusion
Certified Online Marketing, Funnel Strategist & Business Growth Consultant
Helen Higgins The Launch Project
Helen Higgins, Founder - The Launch Project

My mission is to de-mystify online marketing for confused business owners and help as many as I can can overcome the confusion and overwhelm to finally create the business of their dreams.

Fletcher Method Certified Coach

You wish there were an easier way to do this ... well, there is.

Is this you?


You're relying on referrals and word of mouth

your lead flow is unpredictable and you can't scale your business.


You're constantly chasing & hustling

you can't switch off, if you stop ... your business stops.


You're wasting time on the wrong clients

you have no idea what else you should be doing to attract the right clients. 


You're manually following up with all potential leads for your business

you want an easier and more time-efficient way of generating new ideal clients on demand.


You aren't making the money you want for the time you invest

you want a system to help you generate more sales, on autopilot


You have no idea where to start with your funnel tech

you need a funnel like YESTERDAY to start generating the sales you want


You've had enough of all the guesswork and wasted time

you know you need expert help and guidance to get this right and finally launch your funnel


You don't know how to target your ideal clients with your paid ads

you want to grow your subscriber list but keep throwing money away on ads that don't convert

Ready to say goodbye to inconsistent leadflow? inconsistent income? working too many hours to keep the plates spinning?

Then let me help you

Get ready to welcome more ideal clients with my AAA Method Funnel Launch Plan

Selling Your Services Doesn't Have To Be Hard Work...

3 simple steps to launch your funnel and double your sales without the tech overwhelm 

Audience, Attract, Automate

AAA METHOD lead generation

Where will your business be In 3, 6 or 12 months time? 

Exactly where you are now? ... OR

... With the PERFECT funnel working for you 24/7? 

Get ready to make 2020 your year with a clear path to success!

I'll hold your hand every step through my AAA Funnel Launch Plan to create an automated lead generation and sales system for your dream business

We'll get YOUR Launch Project off to the best start with a Group Strategy call. This will help us get really clear on the perfect Funnel strategy for your exact business, so you can gain a shortcut to your success

We'll have fortnightly group calls to complete each framework of the AAA Funnel Launch Plan together, so you feel 100% supported

I'll dig deep to get to know your business inside-out and ongoing real-time support and updates to keep the Funnel Launch Project on track

We'll capitalise on all of your expertise in YOUR business and YOUR niche, then put that together with my online marketing and sales funnel expertise, framework by framework, to create the perfect funnel for your exact business

Does 'tech overwhelm' leave you feeling confused and wasting time trying to figure it all out? No problem, me and my team will be there to take away all your tech overwhelm and get everything linked up and working like clockwork

What to be more hands-on? No problem, I'll guide through the whole process so you know everything you need to know

Access to ALL the frameworks for each step of the Funnel Launch Plan, as & when you need them

Forget all about tech overwhelm and funnel frustrations ...

I'll be here to help you implement your whole tech & funnel toolkit

This Is What You'll get:

You'll get 18 weeks of structured, step by step, funnel launch guidance and hands-on support (PLUS a BONUS extra month's support to hold your hand as you launch your paid ad audience builder campaign)

 Marketing and Sales frameworks that will result in a fully automated, high-performing funnel, generating 2, 5 or 10 times more of your ideal leads on demand 

Your tech set-up sorted and running like clockwork, without the overwhelm 

The right systems, tools and processes to create and support the business of your dreams

Paid ads that get you new leads, group members or bot subscribers



If you can, think even beyond the awesomeness of all that ...


 World-class visual representations of your unique solution which takes the 'sales' out of selling

Video & webinar slide pack & templates

Facebook copy & video ad scripts

Email templates and automation workflows

No guesswork, no wasted time, just proven frameworks that work

Waking up to notifications of new leads & new sales whilst you sleep

Being able to scale up your paid ads and grow your following faster because you have the systems and automations in place to support your growing business

Lifetime access to all of the trainings and frameworks



PLUS, my personal guarantee:

I personally want to see you succeed in creating the perfect funnel for your business, whether its to enrol a small number of ideal clients in to a bespoke group coaching course or 1:1 service OR its an evergreen webinar funnel that generates you members or online course sales whilst you sleep.

Providing you show-up to the calls, complete the frameworks, give your insight in to your business and the ideal clients you want to attract in to it, and take onboard all the feedback you receive, you'll be amazed at where your business could be in just a few months. 

Why is this so important to me? ...

Your success is my success

Ready to get started?

We start with our group strategy call the week commencing 30th March 2020 when we'll draft your business plan for the entire year so I can get clear on exactly what your goals are for your funnel. We'll then be ready to hit the ground running with the full funnel launch programme straight after the School holidays week commencing 20th April 2020.

I work with lots of busy Mums and being a Mum myself, this programme will actually be run over 6 months! We'll have 6 months together, right through to the end of September, working step-by-step through your entire online marketing strategy.

There'll be no pressure to do anything over the school holidays ... 7 weeks this summer!! ... (unless you want to crack on of course), other than process everything we'll have already worked through and really spend that time digging deep about the who, why and how you want to attract your ideal clients into your business with your funnel.

You'll have the support of our closed members-only group and me on hand to answer your questions in real time as and when they come up.

Best Value

Pay up-front 1 payment of £750


4 monthly payments of £250


BONUS 1: 39 POINT PRE-LAUNCH FUNNEL CHECK by me to ensure you are 100% ready for launch

BONUS 2: Limited time offer: get 30 days bonus campaign launch & Facebook ad optimisation support

BONUS 3: 1-Page Launch Map to keep you absolutely focused on the 1 THING you should be doing next

Systems That Give You 2, 5 or even 10 X More Quality Leads

Automation To Nurture Those Leads And Convert in To Ideal Paying Clients on autopilot

Without The 'Tech' Overwhelm, Wasted Time and Confusion

Any questions ?

Want to chat first and check this is the right programme for you right now?