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How to add messenger chat to your website in under 5 minutes

Add messenger chat to website

Follow the steps in this super quick video to see 2 different ways you can add Messenger chat to your website.

How to improve the messaging experience for your potential customers direct from your website (or any sales pages if you can add code in to the footer – bit too much tech talk there!  ) 

​​The step-by-step of how to link your website up to your Business Facebook Page Messenger Chat in minutes! ⁣

Yep, that’s right, nothing to do with funnels in this blog post, just making it super easy for your website visitors to get in touch – in under 5 minutes!

If you have any questions about adding Messenger chat to your website or sales pages … then drop me a message … via my messenger link HERE

or you can email me

Help! My Facebook Ads Aren’t Working!

marketing funnels

Feeling frustrated & confused that your Facebook ads aren’t working?

The answer?

Pay attention to your metrics!

For many business owners this is a big headache … how to get Facebook ads to work and make them money rather than cost them money.

In this short Facebook Ads video training, I cover the 3 metrics that you MUST PAY ATTENTION TO in order to quickly scale your ad campaigns…

No tech overwhelm, just a super simple approach to knowing whether your marketing ad campaign is MAKING you money or COSTING you money

Have questions you’d like to get answered about your Facebook Ad frustrations?

Come and get all your Facebook Ads questions answered and access to more free training in my Perfect Funnel LaunchPad Facebook Group HERE

3 Key Ingredients For Generating New Leads for your Business

AAA Method Lead Generation

Want to get qualified leads online for your service-based business?

For any service-based business, lead generation is a hot topic. If your lead flow is inconsistent, your cash flow will be too.

I’ve got good news. You only need three things to make your marketing work.

1. In-depth knowledge of your audience

Most of the people I do free strategy sessions with, don’t know their audience. They are either guessing and/or their audience is too broad (I can help everyone!). 
It’s time to stop guessing, and do your homework.
Instead of trying to help everyone, decide on THE ONE. Dig deeper than calling yourself a health coach. Define a sub-niche. Example: you’re a health coach who helps new mums get back in to healthier routines after having their kids. Or you’re a business coach who works with creative agencies.
Get to know your audience’s biggest frustrations, what they love, their big goals and dreams, plus anything that keeps them ‘stuck’. Your ideal clients will feel like you’re reading their mind when they read your content. This will give your potential clients confidence in you and build trust.

2. A marketing/sales funnel designed to convert that you’re proud to promote

Your marketing systems include your website, funnel, and follow-up nurture email systems. It’s important that you design them to convert visitors to leads, leads to clients, and clients to raving fans.

  • Website: Your website projects the quality of service you provide to your visitors. How well it is designed and branded directly affects how your potential clients see you. Your site should position you as the premier authority for your ideal clients. Finally, you must have an online presence you’re proud to promote. This will help to give you the confidence to market yourself.
  • Funnel: The goal of your funnel should be to entice your visitors to take another step. The first step will likely be to give you their email to request information or get a free gift. Your second step may be to book a discovery call, get on a webinar, or buy something from you. And your third step may be a higher-priced package or recurring-revenue subscription.
  • Follow-up Email Nurture: Most of the people who visit your website or sales pages won’t be ready to buy. That’s why we entice them with a free gift, also called a lead magnet, at the beginning of your funnel. This allows us to continue to email them helpful information to gradually move them to the sale. Most of your sales will come from your email nurture system.

3. A way to drive traffic to fill your funnel

You need to master a few ways to drive traffic to your funnel. Focus on traffic channels you enjoy and obviously think about the places where your ideal paying clients ‘hang-out’ – make sure you are ‘fishing’ in the right lake.
Create a balance of traffic from:

  • Contacts: Your list, your social followers, joint ventures, guest blogging, etc.
  • Content: Blog posts, social content, videos, podcasts, search engine optimisation, etc.
  • Paid ads: Paid ads, such as Facebook ads, banner ads, Google AdWords, etc.

Having a balance of the three will help you to keep your lead flow steady and your funnel full. For example, if your joint ventures are busy with launches, your blog posts and paid ads can fill in the gap. If your ad-spend increases, your email list and SEO can keep the leads flowing.
To summarise, there are only three things you need to succeed in generating leads online.

  1. know your audience
  2. have a marketing system designed to convert
  3. traffic to fill your funnel

You can’t succeed with only one or two.

  • Even if you know your audience and have an amazing marketing system, without traffic, you won’t get leads.
  • If you have a marketing system and traffic but you’re speaking to the wrong audience, you won’t get leads.
  • And if you’ve got traffic and know your audience, but you don’t have a marketing funnel, you won’t get leads.

If you’re struggling to steadily get leads online, or you know you need help in any of these three areas, let’s talk.


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