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Help! My Facebook Ads Aren’t Working!

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Feeling frustrated & confused that your Facebook ads aren’t working?

The answer?

Pay attention to your metrics!

For many business owners this is a big headache … how to get Facebook ads to work and make them money rather than cost them money.

In this short Facebook Ads video training, I cover the 3 metrics that you MUST PAY ATTENTION TO in order to quickly scale your ad campaigns…

No tech overwhelm, just a super simple approach to knowing whether your marketing ad campaign is MAKING you money or COSTING you money

Have questions you’d like to get answered about your Facebook Ad frustrations?

Come and get all your Facebook Ads questions answered and access to more free training in my Perfect Funnel LaunchPad Facebook Group HERE

Linktree Alternative: How to get multiple Instagram Profile Links for FREE

Linktree alternative instagram profile links

How to get multiple Instagram Profile Links for FREE 👌 without paying for Linktree

Use Instagram for business? Here are 3 simple steps to help with having multiple links direct from your profile… without paying for linktree

To put this in to context, having a clear SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY sits in the Launch Stage of my 6-Figure Sales Funnel Launch Plan, in Step 4 – Client Attraction Content

I’m going to take you through a super quick way to get multiple instagram profile links for FREE … without using linktree

A few basics that you’ll need in order to put this advice in to action:

  1. A website or sales pages for your business / blog
  2. An ability (or a tech-savvy helper) to create a new page on your website or sales pages
  3. Some interesting and relevant content such as blogs, freebies, challenges, sales pages to point your instagram followers on to.

So let’s get started:

1. Create a specific page on your website / sales pages just for your Instagram links. Amend page settings to remove the header & footer.

2. Name your page something short & simple like ‘learn more’ or ‘click here’

3. Add your Instagram user name as a page heading, add buttons & link them to relevant blog posts, sales pages & opt-ins. Choose your background of choice (image or plain colour) then centralise the buttons on your page.

Final Check 

Make sure you check the preview of your page for it being optimised for mobiles.

See my example below on my wordpress desktop site below and then compare to how it looks  when you click on it in instagram HERE or see images below.

No linktree needed!