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The 3 reasons why entrepreneurs fail at online marketing

top 3 reasons why entrepreneurs fail at online marketing

… and how to avoid them

The 3 main reasons why entrepreneurs fail at online marketing … and how to avoid them

As a business owner, you probably often think there’s just no way getting your services fully booked should be this hard. Well, you’re about to learn the exact 3 reasons why you might be making it hard, and more importantly, how to avoid these reasons and build a successful business.

It’s important that I really stress to you, if you don’t have the most basic building blocks in place with your online marketing (I’ll get on to the exact solid foundation you’ll need in my video training), you are not in the right place to even think about getting more traffic, being on social media and doing paid ads. You won’t have the right system set up, and you’ll be out there, looking for traffic, chasing your tail. STOP right there and let me show you there is an easier way.


1.   Not setting clear goals

I’m talking about exactly where you want to be with your business in 90 days. So you can plan the exact business model and offers that can support that vision. Will it be a small number of perfect high-ticket clients for a 1:1 service, a group coaching programme or online course or membership?

Most entrepreneurs are always in ‘reactive’ mode on the look out for the next client and short on time and resource. The reason I know? I’ve been there.

Until you create a clear vision of exactly where you want your business to be, you’re always going to be left wondering why you don’t have the business you dream of.

You feel confused, stressed and completely overwhelmed.

Your goals will tell you where you want to go, so you can then move your focus on to how you’re going to get there. Rather than working on the wrong things, or even the right things, at the wrong time.

All you need is a clear path to take you from where you are now to where you want to go.

2.   Information Overload

I’m going to walk you through how to solve this one, it’s so important to prevent any more wasted time and investment.

Most businesses spend 90% of their time clicking, searching and trying to figure out what to do next to get a new client in the door. The majority of time that is supposed to be focused on implementing is instead spent on trying to figure out what to do, instead of actually doing it.

Most of us approach starting a business super eager and ready to learn. We download freebies, watch youtube videos, consume blogs, podcasts, courses, ebooks, tools and all we’re doing is collecting more “stuff” that only adds to our confusion and frustration.

This is exactly what happened to me. I spent the first three years as a business owner completely overwhelmed. I set out to ‘teach myself’ but I simply couldn’t figure out what I needed to do because I consumed so much information and tried too many things at once. 

So my advice is to stop consuming all of the random bits of information, all the individual pieces of different puzzles, to doing the right steps, in the right order. It will be the simple things, that the majority of business owners overlook, in a rush to go straight to getting more traffic, that are going to make all the difference in the world. Instead of dabbling in social media, blogging, Facebook ads and SEO, you have to get focused on an overall strategy that’s proven to work.

Let’s talk about how to do this. You have to stop subjecting yourself to information overload.

You have to shift the way you look at growing your business to a much simpler model. You need to stop consuming and spending time and money on things that don’t work or that you don’t need to be doing right now. You need to go on an information diet.

What I mean by an information diet is, I want you to commit to turning off all the noise for 90 days and just focus on building the right things that we’re going to cover in my 3 stages of every successful marketing funnel video training. I know, from real life experience, that your results are going to be transformational but you have to commit to keeping your blinkers on and sticking with the plan.

And once you’ve set clear goals, cleared your mind and gone on information diet, you’re ready to avoid the 3rd reason why small business owners struggle and fail at marketing: lack of frameworks.

3.   Tech overwhelm

We’re constantly bombarded with information these days. What tools to use? What software to use? Who to listen to? There’s more and more information coming our way: bad information, misinformation, too much information.

I know that when I started as an entrepreneur, I was completely overwhelmed. The tools, courses, services, they all just added to my confusion.

And they were the wrong tools because the right tools (at the right time) make all the difference in the world.

If we just have the right tools in place, things would become 100 times easier. But because we don’t know what tools to use, we end up spinning our wheels, trying to get to our destination without a clear path to take us there.


Now you’re probably wondering, what is a framework? A framework, at its most basic definition, is just a step-by-step guide for accomplishing something.

And that’s why failing at online marketing is not your fault. There’s literally no clear path to follow to grow your business.

Most career paths have frameworks (think doctor, lawyer, teacher), but when you enter the world of entrepreneurship … it can feel like you’re on your own and the truth is it could take 10 times longer than it ever should for you to get the success you desire.

This is why most business owners fail at online marketing.

So here’s the big takeaway: you lack a clear structure. When you follow a framework, it provides a straight line from point A to point B. Frameworks take your marketing from a mish-mash of pieces of different jigsaw puzzles to a well defined path. You need to follow a path, with clear frameworks every step of the way. It’s like having the exact coordinates you need to take you on the journey to the business of your dreams.

So, I would like to encourage you to really think and write down…

What your 90-day goals are for your business and the business model that will support that

What noise you’re willing to eliminate while you’re on your new information diet.

And lastly, are you open to the idea and importance of implementing frameworks and systems?

Now, with my new video training – the 3 core stages of every successful sales funnel, you’re going to learn how to scale your business predictably by putting a proven sales funnel in place. No matter where your ideal client comes in to contact with you, we will attract, and nurture them from strangers to buying customers.

And when it finally comes to the part of implementing the tech to make all of this online marketing happen on autopilot, we’ll be there to guide you step by step through that too, without the tech overwhelm.

It’s a super simple system that I’m excited to share with you. You can learn more about it HERE

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The Rule Of One: One (Marketing) Message

one marketing message



Did you catch STEP ONE OF OUR BLOG SERIES – ONE AVATAR? I can’t stress enough how important it is to do these steps in order and not jump ahead … 

In Step 2, we are still really focused on your Avatar, your ideal paying client … but now its time to nail that ONE (MARKETING) MESSAGE …Your USP, Unique Selling Proposition,

How you promise to take them from where they are now to where they want to go

I’m going to take you through the second key ingredient of every successful Sales funnel … crafting ONE MARKETING MESSAGE for your business RIGHT NOW

6 figure sales funnel launch plan step 1 market message
Marketing Message

To put this in to context, getting clear on your ONE (marketing) MESSAGE sits in the Plan Stage of my 6-Figure Sales Funnel Launch Plan, in Step 1 – Market & Message

Once you know 100% your ideal client’s biggest pains and frustrations using the Avatar Framework, then you have to look at their longer term fears and implications. 

So what’s going to happen for your ideal paying client if they don’t change what they’re doing now? Where are they going to end up? If you offer a dating service or a fitness gym, are their fears and implications being alone or never getting in shape?

What about their longer term dreams and aspirations. Where do they really want to go? What is the greater transformation you offer them?
Do they want to meet the love of their life so they can start a family? Do they want to lose a stone in weight so they can have more energy or cure an illness?
How will you take your clients from their biggest pain to what they want, need and desire? 

Your USP, Unique Selling Proposition, is how you promise to take them from where they are now to where they want to go
Once you have a clear marketing message or promise, it takes your marketing from invisible (where all your messaging just blends in with everything else) to being unmissable. It helps eliminate buying resistance. 

You offer is not only a no-brainer, but a must have. 

Once you communicate what your promise is clearly, your avatar will immediately feel like they absolutely have to take advantage of it. They will feel that you’re speaking directly to them and showing them a clear solution to their problem.

[USP: Unique Selling Proposition] This framework will become one of the most valuable assets you’ll ever create. It’s going to transform your ads, headlines, landing pages, copy and everything in between. 

You might already be familiar with my USP … 
I help female entrepreneurs [my Avatar] To Quickly Launch, Automate & Scale Your Online Sales To 6-Figures [what they want], Without Confusion & Tech Overwhelm [their pains]
[Hopefully my USP will resonate with you, as that’s why you are here 🙂 ]

So … What’s your client’s biggest pain or frustration? Think about it. If you’ve listed their frustrations, what’s their number one problem that stands out? The one that keeps them awake at night (related to your niche)

For PR Services, it might be visibility, so they can have a greater impact and help more people. For delivery services it might be time. When busy mum customers want last minute, next day delivery. Next launched “order by midnight, next day delivery guaranteed”.

So who’s your avatar? Now what’s their biggest goal or desire? And finally, what’s the biggest pain you solve for them? Time? Weight loss? Peace of mind? Income? Impact? Confidence? When you can put those answers together, you’ve created your USP.

I help my client [avatar] so they can get [what they want] without [pain].

Here’s another example: “I help busy lawyers [avatar] lose 1 stone within 90 days so they can live healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives [what they want] without spending a lot of time or money in a gym [pain].”

I’d love to give you feedback on your marketing message, so hit the live chat button once you’ve got it drafted

Step 3 – ONE SIGNATURE SYSTEM coming soon 🙂


What is a sales funnel or marketing funnel?

what is a sales funnel marketing funnel

Confused about funnels? sales funnels? marketing funnel? do you need a marketing funnel or sales funnel for your business?

“What is a sales funnel or a marketing funnel “

If technology and funnels aren’t your thing … here’s my super quick TECH-FREE Shop Window Analogy of a marketing funnel or sales funnel (they mean the same thing 🙂 )

What is a sales funnel or a marketing funnel?

Or if you’d prefer to read an overview…

What is a sales funnel or a marketing funnel?

For those non-tech-savvy people, I’ll use the analogy of customers buying or making purchases from your shop on the high street. So if we see the funnel as a shop window, if you think about a high street shop with its shop window, and you’ll have people passing by. Many will take a glance at your window or sign, but actually for most people, your shop may not be relevant. It might not sell products relevant to their life. Or, it might just be they don’t fully understand how your products or services can help them and what problems you solve.

Some people may just walk straight on past, but if we estimate that around three in one hundred will take a look through the window and come into your shop. That equates to a 3% click through rate, people who click on your ad and get to your freebie/Opt-in landing page.

Typically 30-40% of those people who clicked through to your lead magnet page will go on to opt-in and give you their name and email. So, instead of just looking through the window they’ve actually come in to your shop, and they want to take a closer look at what you have to offer.

From those who have come in to your shop, around 1 in 20 (5%) will actually go through with a purchase or in funnel terms ‘the conversion event’. As a coach, agency or consultant this could be a strategy call or a small ‘tripwire’ purchase. They want to build that trust and get to know you before making a bigger investment.

So, that’s the first conversion event.  Then following a strategy call around 1 in 4 (25%) may be a good fit to work with you and will go on to make that purchase of your core product.

So, you can see how we’re not going to convert everybody into being the customer and it’s the same on the high street. The more interest you can generate and higher relevance for the people you are trying to attract, the more likely, they are to take a look in your window, to come in to your shop and make that first easy, frictionless purchase and then go on to become those best and regular customers.

Helen x

[5 min Video]

6 figure sales funnel launch plan - convert
To put this in to the context of the bigger picture. The perfect funnel fits in Stage 2 – Build, of our complete 6-Figure Sales Funnel Launch Plan. At step 5 – Convert. It’s where we get to talking about the perfect funnel to take online leads, nurture them and convert them in to customers.

3 Key Ingredients For Generating New Leads for your Business

AAA Method Lead Generation

Want to get qualified leads online for your service-based business?

For any service-based business, lead generation is a hot topic. If your lead flow is inconsistent, your cash flow will be too.

I’ve got good news. You only need three things to make your marketing work.

1. In-depth knowledge of your audience

Most of the people I do free strategy sessions with, don’t know their audience. They are either guessing and/or their audience is too broad (I can help everyone!). 
It’s time to stop guessing, and do your homework.
Instead of trying to help everyone, decide on THE ONE. Dig deeper than calling yourself a health coach. Define a sub-niche. Example: you’re a health coach who helps new mums get back in to healthier routines after having their kids. Or you’re a business coach who works with creative agencies.
Get to know your audience’s biggest frustrations, what they love, their big goals and dreams, plus anything that keeps them ‘stuck’. Your ideal clients will feel like you’re reading their mind when they read your content. This will give your potential clients confidence in you and build trust.

2. A marketing/sales funnel designed to convert that you’re proud to promote

Your marketing systems include your website, funnel, and follow-up nurture email systems. It’s important that you design them to convert visitors to leads, leads to clients, and clients to raving fans.

  • Website: Your website projects the quality of service you provide to your visitors. How well it is designed and branded directly affects how your potential clients see you. Your site should position you as the premier authority for your ideal clients. Finally, you must have an online presence you’re proud to promote. This will help to give you the confidence to market yourself.
  • Funnel: The goal of your funnel should be to entice your visitors to take another step. The first step will likely be to give you their email to request information or get a free gift. Your second step may be to book a discovery call, get on a webinar, or buy something from you. And your third step may be a higher-priced package or recurring-revenue subscription.
  • Follow-up Email Nurture: Most of the people who visit your website or sales pages won’t be ready to buy. That’s why we entice them with a free gift, also called a lead magnet, at the beginning of your funnel. This allows us to continue to email them helpful information to gradually move them to the sale. Most of your sales will come from your email nurture system.

3. A way to drive traffic to fill your funnel

You need to master a few ways to drive traffic to your funnel. Focus on traffic channels you enjoy and obviously think about the places where your ideal paying clients ‘hang-out’ – make sure you are ‘fishing’ in the right lake.
Create a balance of traffic from:

  • Contacts: Your list, your social followers, joint ventures, guest blogging, etc.
  • Content: Blog posts, social content, videos, podcasts, search engine optimisation, etc.
  • Paid ads: Paid ads, such as Facebook ads, banner ads, Google AdWords, etc.

Having a balance of the three will help you to keep your lead flow steady and your funnel full. For example, if your joint ventures are busy with launches, your blog posts and paid ads can fill in the gap. If your ad-spend increases, your email list and SEO can keep the leads flowing.
To summarise, there are only three things you need to succeed in generating leads online.

  1. know your audience
  2. have a marketing system designed to convert
  3. traffic to fill your funnel

You can’t succeed with only one or two.

  • Even if you know your audience and have an amazing marketing system, without traffic, you won’t get leads.
  • If you have a marketing system and traffic but you’re speaking to the wrong audience, you won’t get leads.
  • And if you’ve got traffic and know your audience, but you don’t have a marketing funnel, you won’t get leads.

If you’re struggling to steadily get leads online, or you know you need help in any of these three areas, let’s talk.


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The Rule Of One: Your Ideal Paying Customer – 1 Avatar

1 avatar 1 market 1 niche



Who’s THE ONE? I Know You Could Help EVERYONE, But Who’s The ONE? The ONE you REALLY want to serve?

I’m going to take you through the first key ingredient of every successful Sales funnel … deciding on the ONE AVATAR for your business RIGHT NOW

6 figure sales funnel launch plan step 1 market message

To put this in to context, getting clear on your ONE Avatar sits in the Plan Stage of my 6-Figure Sales Funnel Launch Plan, in Step 1 – Market & Message

Right now, it’s likely you are serving multiple markets with your service or offering, from all different walks of life, age groups and with different reasons for buying from you. A common statement from clients I work with is ‘our service can help everyone!’

At this first crucial step, more specifically than just picking one market, you need to build up a profile of your most ideal ‘paying’ client – we call this your Avatar (and yes there’s a difference between your ideal client and your ideal ‘paying’ client … namely that their financial circumstances means they actually have the money to invest in your offer RIGHT NOW if they wanted to. It’s no good trying to sell a £5,000 service or offer to someone with no money to invest)

So, if your most ideal ‘paying’ client walked through the door right now, who are they? What are they thinking? Where do they ‘hangout’ online? What are their favourite hobbies and interests? What keeps them up at night? What are their biggest worries, doubt and fears?

It’s your mission to define your most ideal paying client as in depth as you can 

Your strategy in becoming successful or more successful will start with one avatar at a time. You must start with one. Remember, less is more.
Once you prove to be successful with your first avatar, and you become their ‘favourite’ you can then add as many as you’d like (one at a time). Focusing on a single avatar at a time will take you from being anonymous, bland and unmemorable to familiar, trustworthy and extraordinary within your ideal target market. You want to be the sender of the email they can’t wait to receive, the one they ALWAYS open, just to see what words of wisdom you are sharing and what offers you have that address their biggest frustrations right now.

When your audience sees your messaging they will feel like, “Hey, that’s me. You know me. You understand me. You’re speaking right to me.” When you don’t have a defined avatar, you’re searching around in the dark. You’re guessing with ads and messaging, just hoping for a response. This strategy (or lack of) is a waste of time and money.

Stop Targeting Everyone, Instead Target THE ONE

It’s about knowing your avatar better than they know themselves. When you can articulate their goals, dreams, frustrations, fears, better than they can, the rest of your marketing falls into place. It means you’ll never have to use guesswork with your ad copy (text), landing pages and content.  Everything else you want to create becomes systematic because you’ve taken the time to define who you’re targeting.

How do I do that?

We help our clients through this process with our unique frameworks, that guide you through this whole process. But basically you need to think about this: “What do your clients want MORE of and want do they want LESS of?”
Take the time to do this properly ONCE. Please, please, don’t guess or assume.
Because, what I can guarantee for you is that if you don’t take the time to get this right the first time, it will come back to bite you in terms of spending too much for your leads.

Vague Avatar & Vague Messaging = higher cost per lead and less profit!

Remember: “What do your clients want MORE of and want do they want LESS of?” If you’re unsure – ask them!



P.S. For detailed frameworks to guide you step by step with launching your 6-Figure Sales Funnel, get on the waiting list for our Members-only Client Attraction LaunchPad … Coming Soon HERE

The 9 Ingredients of Every Successful Sales Funnel

9 key ingredients of every successful sales funnel

Your step by step guide to implementing the 9 Key Ingredients of every successful sales funnel


Have You Ever Wondered What Successful Business Owners Do That Makes Them Successful, That Maybe You Don’t? 

Then This Blog Series Is Just For You …

I still remember the evening when finally the fog lifted on exactly how we could generate more traffic and new leads for our business.

The breakthrough had been long awaited and when I realised the simple steps that were necessary, I couldn’t believe I’d been in the dark for so long!

It follows an important principle for most over-worked business owners of…

Less is more

Have you ever wondered how some business owners appear to have this concept sussed?

“Simple can be harder than complex: you have to work to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in  the end because once you get there, you can move mountains” – Steve Jobs

It was only via a random ad in to my facebook feed that I stumbled upon my now mentor and the simple path for growing our business. Allowing our mindset to shift to this stripped back way of thinking changed everything. It is the simple steps that can be applied to almost all business models that I’m going to walk you through over this blog series… In my

“9 Key Ingredients of Every Successful Sales Funnel” – Part 1 NEXT!

I think you’ll be completely blown away with how simple the strategy is, but don’t confuse that with easy … it will take a change in thinking to put it in to action …

If you are struggling with information overload related to generating new leads for your business and converting them to clients, you’re going to find this extremely enlightening.

If you are anything like me, it will generate one if not more of those ‘AHA’ moments