Ready for an injection of new clients coming in to your business?

Let me guide you through the EXACT steps business owners are using to quickly get more leads and sales (on autopilot)

...Without Tech Overwhelm, Confusion Or Wasted Time

You want more leads, But not just any leads ...

You want more ideal client leads.

You want a time-efficient way of nurturing those leads, so they come to you ready-to-buy.

You want more consistency in your lead flow, so you can move away from the constant stress and worry of not knowing where your next lead is coming from.

So you can plan ahead and get the consistent income & growth you crave.

You want the automation, so your business can keep on working even when you don't.  

You know that having a sales funnel would tick all these boxes ... BUT

... you're completely stuck with The WHAT, the HOW and the TECH!

How would it feel if in just 4 weeks you could change all that?

With my 1-month Funnel Launch Accelerator, we'll do just that ... TOGETHER

This 4-week programme will be different to everything else out there.

This isn't about getting access to more 'how to' content.

This isn't about being told what you need to do and finishing with a huge 'MUST DO LIST' to action on your own ... leaving you to get stuck again.

NO ... this is all about IMPLEMENTATION.

We'll Do Your Whole Funnel Strategy Together, From Start To Finish.

You, Me and a select few other awesome entrepreneurs will spend 4 weeks together 'virtually' getting your sales funnel launched THERE & THEN.

Let me eliminate the guesswork, wasted time and tech overwhelm

First things first ...

This will be intense...

Are you REALLY serious about launching your sales funnel to attract more of your ideal clients on autopilot?

It will take motivation and determination from ME ... AND YOU ... but I'm up for it if you are?

What's it worth to you? To finally be in a position where you know you have consistency and predicatbility in your online lead generation?

So when you take a day off from your business, your business doesn't take a break too.

So you can take the first steps to doing more sales online.

So you'll have a ready-made audience to sell to once your 1:many course or membership is ready to launch.

Instead, the notifications of new ideal client leads signing up to your funnel keep on coming in.

I can tell you ... that feels GOOD!

You wish there were an easier way to do this ... well, THERE IS.

Is this you?


You're relying on referrals and word of mouth

your lead flow is unpredictable and you can't scale your business.


You're constantly chasing & hustling

you can't switch off, if you stop ... your business stops.


You're wasting time on the wrong clients

you have no idea what else you should be doing to attract the right clients. 


You're manually following up with all potential leads for your business

you want an easier and more time-efficient way of generating new ideal clients on demand.


You aren't making the money you want for the time you invest

you want a system to help you generate more sales, on autopilot


You have no idea where to start with your funnel tech

you need a funnel like YESTERDAY to start generating the sales you want


You don't have the income to invest in 1:1 services

you know you need expert help and guidance to get this right and finally launch your funnel

Ready to say goodbye to inconsistent Leadflow? Inconsistent Income? Working Too many hours to keep the plates spinning?

This 4 week Funnel Launch Accelerator Programme is for YOU!

Get ready to welcome more ideal clients with my 5-step funnel success framework!

My 5-step funnel success framework

Step 1: Master Your Message & Decide On Your Offer 'Hook'

We'll turn your marketing message in to a single powerful sentence that takes your marketing from invisible to unmissable

Step 2: Attract Your Ideal Clients With A Freebie They Can't Resist

Create an irresistible free download (lead magnet) that can get you 2, 5 or even 10 X more leads 

Step 3: The Perfect Funnel & Tech Toolkit Set-up To Nurture & Convert

Together we'll select the perfect funnel sequence, with all the page & email templates you need to automate your lead gen and sales process

Step 4: The Winning Ads (Its all in the targeting & re-targeting)

Get the step by step framework, EXACT ad video scripts and ad copy templates to create the audience builder ad sequence that saves you 90% of the wasted time and guesswork with your paid ads

PLUS: how to target (and re-target) your ads to the right people, to stop you wasting £££ on ad spend


Stand out in the crowded online space and create your own unique visual representation of your business. This will clarify your whole online marketing & content strategy. A bonus training and template you can use to create your own unique signature solution (This is worth the programme investment on its own!)

But there's more ... you'll get TWO 1:1 strategy calls to get you unstuck and all set for launch 

So we can launch your funnel and optimise it for maximum results!

I'll hold your hand every step of the way to launching your sales funnel

Selling Your Services Doesn't Have To Be Hard Work...

With my AAA Method Funnel Launch Plan for consistent lead generation 

AAA Method Funnel Launch Plan

To give you Ideal Clients On Demand

So Your Marketing & Tech Can Finally Support The Business You Dream of.

Sound like just what you need?

Here's the plan ...

The schedule will run like this:

  • Before we start you'll be invited to join the closed Facebook Group 
  • You'll receive your login to the members only area to access all the training recordings and the step by step frameworks we'll be working through will be uploaded each week (You'll have lifetime access to these trainings and frameworks)
  • You'll also receive a link to your individual "Funnel Launch Tracker" this way we can keep check of the progress you are making each week and provide feedback on your frameworks as needed
  • You'll be able to get started straight away with a short piece of homework to make sure we hit the ground running on the first live training (super simple and quick homework - I'll be coming in to the group to guide you and answer any questions that crop up)
  • Once you've completed your homework, you'll get feedback so we can iron out any potential hiccups and share your individual funnel strategy template with you before we get started

Each week:

  • There'll be a twice weekly live sessions in to the Facebook group. Where possible do try and make these live, however they'll be recorded and uploaded in to the members area, so you can catch up.
  • One hour of the weekly live training will be focused on getting the content and assets for your funnel done and the second hour will be a weekly virtual tech workshop, where you can "pick my brains" and/or get my "hands on your tech" to iron out any issues there and then.
  • You provide your tech logins so my team and I can run some checks before your launch date and make sure we are all systems go!

The Funnel Launch Accelerator Follow-up

  • The closed group will stay open and active with ongoing support from me for 2 weeks after the last live session
  • You'll have 2 1:1 calls you can schedule at any point during the 6 weeks (I recommend you keep one when you are ready for launch!)

So are you ready?

... to finally have an automated system for attracting new ideal clients in to your business?

Is it right for you right now?

OK, now read this

Who is this for

  • You Have An Offer That Sells (just 1 sale is enough to show proof of concept).


  • You Are 100% Committed, Motivated & Determined To Putting In The Time, Effort & Participation Required To Launch Your Sales Funnel.


  • You are ready to SHOW UP and go 'all in' on this and commit to seeing it through.


  • You are kind and Supportive of others.

Who is this NOT for

  • You have an idea for a business but you don't yet have an offer you can sell.


  • I will be committing to this 100%. Your success is my success and I WILL put the work in with you. But I need you to do the same. If you can't, this isn't for you.
  • Those who struggle with taking accountability for their own business success, who don't show up and don't put in the work.
  • You lack kindness and you struggle with supporting others.

So where will your Business be In 3, 6 or 12 months time? 

Exactly where you are now? ... OR

... With A lead Generation Funnel working For you 24/7? 

So are you ready To Get To work with me?

Helen Higgins The Launch Project


Yes? ... Fantastic ... your next step is simply to click on the link below and get registered.

Your place will only be reserved once your payment is processed.

My promise to you

I personally want to see each and everyone of you succeed in creating the perfect funnel for your business.

Providing you show-up, do the work and take onboard all the feedback you receive, I'll be there right beside you to support you in your funnel launch.

You'll be amazed at what your funnel will do for your business.


Early Bird Offer of £100 off ends ...


( Use code EARLYBIRD100 )

From my clients

Emma Stirk

Emma Stirk

Lawyer | Coach | Mentor | Author

Having Helen step in and guide me step by step through creating, building and launching my funnel was an absolute revelation.

Her knowledge and easy to understand, practicable advice allowed me to to overcome my barriers and move my business forward quicker than I ever imagined I could.

Love lights the way

Charlotte & Stacy

Business Owners - Love Lights The Way

Love Lights The Way Testimonial

Ready to launch your funnel?

Early Bird Offer of £100 off ends ...


( Use code EARLYBIRD100 )

Don't miss your chance to grab your spot!

Ready to make it happen?


What's the investment?

£490 One-off payment (£390 if booked before 9pm 5th April 2020 with code EARLYBIRD100)

Is there a minimum earning threshold to apply?

No there's no minimum income requirements. With just £490 investment and the potential for a huge return on investment - it's a no brainer for businesses of all sizes who have yet to implement an automated lead generation system.

What are the dates?

The first live training date will be Monday 13th April 2020 and the programme will run twice weekly live sessions for 4 consecutive weeks, helping you to complete the online marketing frameworks and also live tech implementation sessions. The support group will be archived 2 weeks after the last live session and you will be able to book any unused 1:1 follow up strategy calls in those 14 days .

How much access will I get to Helen?

I’ll be in the private group to help you and answer any questions around implementing and launching your funnel for 6 weeks in total. You’ll also get two 1-1 calls with me that you can use at anytime (although I'd keep one for when you are ready to launch), when I'll also be happy to get 'hands-on' with your tech set-up to make sure any potential issues are picked up before you launch. This programme is focused on implementation and taking action, not accessing more 'how to' content.

Why you should register RIGHT NOW

Because the investment really is a no brainer when you consider the hours of confusion and tech overwhelm this will save you from

Because there is nothing else like this out there right now, which will support you with the actual implementation without the 1:1 consultancy and coaching fees

Because you've put off launching your funnel for too long and its time to create the income you want for you and your family

Because there are so many people out there who You could help, but They don't even know you exist

Coaching & Consultant

Helen Higgins

Founder - The Launch Project

Because its time for you to do Yourself And Your Business Justice, with no more excuses & regrets

Early Bird Offer of £100 off ends ...


( Use code EARLYBIRD100 )